71 days – It’s Just A Ride! Getting in shape is n…

71 days – It’s Just A Ride!

Getting in shape is not an easy task… too much beer, too many cigarettes, too little exercise… 54 years, lots of stress, extra weight, sitting on my ass every day.

So I got on the bike again… The Tour de France gets me jazzed about bike riding and it’s really a fun form of exercise. Even in the heat and humidity, I’m able to maintain an average of 9 miles an hour – I hope by the end of the summer to be up around 10.5 or 11 miles an hour… hey, maybe 12.

The important thing is that I get out and do it often enough. So far, so good. A little sore – in the shoulders especially. Also coughing up all the crap in my lungs.

Won’t be able to ride tonight because we have a Golden Eagle Band concert in Mo’town at Perkins. I really enjoy the band. I’m playing string bass, trying to keep up my skills. Don’t do that enough either! The band members are mostly older folks – my age or older – and some younger folks especially for the summer. We play a mix of big band, marches, pop and show tunes. It’s a hoot.

Went to get gas at 6 am this morning because I forgot to get it last night. Watered the vegetables – OMG the zucchini grew over night – and flowers.

Today is hat day at work. We’re going this “dog days of summer” thing every Wednesday – mostly to boost morale since there haven’t been any raises again this year. The first week was Hawaiian shirt day; last week was Patriotic shirt day. Thusly, today becomes hat day. Mike wore his fuzzy orange hat. I hope I can get a pic of it. I wore my Eagles bucket hat. Go Birds!!!

Emailed Dooner last night. Wonder how he’s doing…


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