A favorite time of year for me… Kind of interestin…

A favorite time of year for me… Kind of interesting without Lance -still a lot of excitement for me. Yahoo has flash updates and live coverage so you can follow the riders as they progress through the stage.

This guy – George Hincapie, I think, can win. He’s in 4th overall right now – 17 seconds behind. It’s so early in the Tour. Almost anything is possible.
I love watching these guys race. There’s just so much heart in the Tour de France. There’s the team aspect, the country aspect and the individual aspect. I spent a couple of years “going Postal”. Now Discovery, with the Lance Armstrong legacy, is doing very well.

Paolo Salvodelli is in 7th overall, just 27 seconds back, Yaroslav Popovych is in 22nd place, José Acevedo is in 27th place, José Rubiera is in 46th place which is only 57 seconds behind the leader.

Floyd Landis could do it too… he’s an American riding for Phonak. He’s in 8th overall.

Levi Leipheimer is an American riding for Gerolsteiner and he’s in 25th place.

These guys were both members of Postal and rode with Lance.
It’s still early… and it’s so exciting.



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5 responses to “A favorite time of year for me… Kind of interestin…

  1. Dooner

    I think this could be Floyds year!!But keep your eye on Denis Menchov (Rabobank)and maybe Cadel Evans!! Also…depending on this 1st Time Trial…Bobby Julich is a dark horse!

  2. Momma

    I agree with you – Julich is a definite possibility!

  3. Momma

    wow, did you see him crash out???? Julich is done!

  4. Dooner

    FLOYD! FLOYD! FLOYD! FLOYD! Incredible…we was out of his mind to take off so early, but he had to and he was an absolute MONSTER!

    The Menacing Mennonite!!


  5. Momma

    Oh no! unusually high levels of testosterone… How can this happen? Well, I know.. but, crap, there must be an expanation!

    Well at least Levi joined Discovery Channel.

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