18 Things To Do With A Third Arm:Drink coffee or s…

18 Things To Do With A Third Arm:

  1. Drink coffee or something stronger, while typing
  2. Paper hanging
  3. Dial a cell phone while driving
  4. Hold all your paraphernalia while booting H
  5. Light a cigarette while making an amazing wind screen
  6. Opening jars
  7. Talking on the phone while rolling meatballs
  8. Punch my shaking head while covering my eyes
  9. Applauding while still being able to eat popcorn at the ball game.
  10. Keep the 3rd one hidden and “WHOA” whip it out with a surprise bitch-slap.
  11. Become a guitar legend that no one could imitate
  12. Dress up the third like a chestburster from “Alien” and scare people at a hospital.
  13. Unlocking the front door while carrying a bass fiddle
  14. Mixing a cocktail while drinking one
  15. Cutting your meat while eating potatoes
  16. Flipping the bird while keeping 2 hands on the wheel
  17. Rolling down the window while searching for change at a toll booth
  18. Opening the basement door while carrying a basket of laundry

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