I love movie billboards. I love them better than w…

I love movie billboards. I love them better than when the Indians in our building page each other… but that’s a topic for another day. I even love them better than when Lauren pages because she sounds like a 3 year old, I think she should have her adenoids removed… then she might sound like her age.

My last entry had to do with a concert… ok, The X-Men billboard. The Omen billboard recently caught my attention because it would have been my mother’s 78th birthday. Luckily, she hasn’t lived to be that old. I don’t think she would’ve liked it much. She was lively and vibrant and had such peace about her. She had an incredible sense of humor – well she married my dad, after all, and had seven children.

In any case, my newest favorite movie billboard is for Superman Returns. Now tell me, does this not seem reminiscent of Christ crucified? I mean, really? Ok, the arms are extended downward, but the cape is certainly a cross. Does this mean that Superman is intended to be a savior. Well, Metropolis may think so, but I don’t. I’m completely dedicated to UnderDog. It’s my belief, that UnderDog, albeit a minor super-hero and often misunderstood and maligned super-hero, is really the guy we need to call on when we’re in a bad way. I’d give real pesos just to hear “There’s no need to fear, UnderDog is here.” Don’t you think that’s way more effective then jumping into a near-by phone booth.

No, I haven’t lost what little bit of my mind I have left. It’s just that I’ve been unjustly accused of having DID – dual identity disease or some such nonsense. Some people believe that “Violet” is the violent ‘other me’. Most of it has to do with the repeated degaussing that I suffer at the hands of the evil Seth. But that’s a topic for another day.


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