Ok… so maybe I need to have my eyes checked again…

Ok… so maybe I need to have my eyes checked again. My last check up was in May and the doctor said that, with contacts, my eyesight was excellent “for someone your age.” Folks, be careful when an eye doctor says, “For someone your age…” What they’re really saying is “Jesus, how does that woman drive a car???”

Ok… so I drive to work and home every day and I read billboards as I fly by. I’ll admit, some of them peak my interest like 6 + 6 + 06. I figured it was for a movie about the devil, no big deal, right.

So I see this other billboard as I drive up and down Route 130. Now my nephew is car-pooling with me. So I say – “Check out that billboard… who else is gonna be at that concert?” “What concert?” he asks. “The one with Bonnie Raitt and EmmyLou Harris.”

I know I’m in trouble when he bursts out laughing. “That’s for the X-MEN movie.” “Oh. I see.”

Thanks to Dayv who photoshopped the above gif – it’s my new desktop!

It could happen….


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